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Webiny is a modern open source content management designed to run inside a serverless environment. Webiny is powered by React, Node and GraphQL.
Speech-to-text APIs by AssemblyAI
APIs to automatically transcribe and understand audio

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Webiny 5.0
Build serverless applications and websites in minutes
Serverless Headless CMS by Webiny
Go serverless with Webiny and save 60-80% on hosting costs
Form Builder by Webiny
Visual form builder. OpenSource, serverless and dev-friendly

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  • Launch
    Webiny is an open-source framework that helps developers architect, build and deploy applications on top of the serverless infrastructure. Webiny also comes with a serverless CMS that runs on top of AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and S3.
  • Launch
    Stop paying for stuff you don't use. A big chunk of your server resources aren't utilized. With Webiny adopt serverless and save 60-80% on your cloud hosting bill and on infrastructure operations costs. Forget worrying about flash crowds and uptime.
  • Launch
    Create Forms Using a Drag&Drop Interface and Track Conversions.
    Serverless & Self-hosted - Quick and easy deployment with Serverless Framework.
    Complete package - Build forms, define terms and conditions, setup a captcha and view submissions.
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    #2 Product of the day
    Webiny Serverless Page Builder ranked 2nd Product of the day for Mar 18, 2019 with 322 upvotes and 19 comments
    Mar 18, 2019
  • Launch
    Webiny is a serverless open source CMS. Build websites and web applications - both large and small without all the hassle you are used to. All the parts you need comes in a single package optimized to seamlessly work together in a performant way.
  • Launch

    Webiny (https://www.webiny.com/) is all you’ll need as a web developer to build an application.

    From an API layer, to frontend components, backend framework and admin template – even ready-made apps are included – and it’s all fully documented, free and open-source.