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Datadog-style dashes for mobile apps. Go beyond crashes...
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What is Visibility by Embrace?
Embrace has created the ‘Overview Page’, a single dashboard customize-able to the KPIs, SLAs, and issues (crashes, out-of-memories (OOMs), ANRs, freezes, user force-quits, & network errors) that matter to you. Think a “Datadog” dashboard built for mobile.
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Postman Recorder by DevTools
Postman Recorder by DevTools
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Embrace helps mobile devs find every error, recreate every session on command, and fix bugs in minutes. Think of those freezes during startup, broken purchases & unsolved crashes. Wish, Goat & OkCupid solve all of these with Embrace and debug so much faster.
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Network Watchdog by Embrace
Embrace's Network Monitoring has all of your app's network performance data in a single, simple dashboard. See insights and users affected by 4xx/5xx errors, slow API calls, and connectivity issues that harm your app and sneak past your server-side monitoring.
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