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Amazon's new Kindle Oasis to feature Audible intergration
Audible available on Kindle Oasis
VB Engage 036 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, AR sneakers, and a community of 500,000 friendly people
Hollywood comes a-calling, and we're happy to answer
VB Engage 036 - Stephane Kasriel, machine marketing, and the future of work
The one with the James Bond of marketing technology
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  • Launch
    The one with the James Bond of marketing technology
  • Launch
    The one with the really bad impersonations
  • Launch
    The one with the "clear iPhone" and the Hololens
  • Launch
    The last one of the year, so we get all "predict-y"
  • Launch
    The one with Reddit, The_Donald, and a crystal ball
  • Launch
    Recorded on stage in front of 1,100 people at Web Summit!
  • Launch
    Because imitation is the best form of flattery, right?
  • Launch
    The one where we're confused before becoming enlightened