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  • Launch
    The WEB2 WEB3 BOT is a GPT-3 bot trying to figure out the difference between web2 & web3.
  • Launch
    A Twitter bot that shares daily Github Trends for developers to keep up to date.

    You can show your support by RTing the tweets shared by the bot.
  • Announcement
    #4 Product of the day
    IOU Beer Bot ranked 4th Product of the day for Jan 30, 2022 with 96 upvotes and 26 comments
    Jan 30, 2022
  • Launch
    IOU Beer Bot makes it simple and easy for people to express gratitude publically on Twitter in a fun way.

    Your friend did something nice for you?
    Let the world know that you owe them a beer.
  • Launch
    Tweets a new frame every 30 minutes. Reply with "⬅️," "➡️" or "⤴️" to vote on a direction. Faster version available.
  • Launch
    With @SaveToNotion you can save any tweet or thread to your Notion Workspace 🚀
    Automatically move any long thread to a Notion page, saved and ready for you to read it 😎
    Check the pinned tweet in my account to get started 🔥
  • Launch
    Ever wondered about some random image posted on Twitter and you wanted to know more about it or you think it is posted out of context etc. We've developed a Bot that does a Google Reverse Image Search of any Tweeted Image. Do Check it out.
  • Launch
    Keep tabs on smart ETF managers like Cathie Woods and the biggest bets they're making.
    Instead of checking 1000+ trades a day over 50+ ETFs, just follow beta Q on Twitter. We'll sift through the noise and post only when big moves happen.