Easily organize & share your business messages from WhatsApp
TimelinesAI is an app for businesses that have a lot of communication across different channels. It enables teams to organize and view selected messages by topics in one place, and share the most important information internally or with clients.
AI-assisted data import, embedded right into your product

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  • Launch
    TimelinesAI helps you to automatically sync and control Whatsapp communication on Pipedrive.
    📱Connect multiple WA numbers
    🔁Automatically sync WA messaging and files to Pipedrive
    💡Works with regular and business accounts
    ✔️Doesn’t require WA Business API
  • Launch
    TimelinesAI helps you to quickly learn and share the status of communication with your clients:
    🔗Share messages from Whatsapp and email
    🔁 Keep the whole team in the loop
    🔔 Set comments and reminders
    Increase your awareness and relations with long-term clients!