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The simplest way to share your web project.
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What is Tiiny Host?
Tiiny Host is a super simple static web hosting tool perfect for publishing your website in seconds. By default, your site is live for 7 days, so it's perfect for prototyping (or it can be extended with our Pro plans).

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We're aware of 11 technologies that Tiiny Host is built with. Tiiny Host utilizes products like Crisp, Hotjar in their tech stack

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Upload ANY HTML template and change text, images or links in seconds on desktop/mobile and then publish it with one-click. Brought to you by tiiny.host.
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Tiiny Host is the simplest way to share your work online. Whether you're a designer, marketer, developer or a student you can share your HTML, PDF or anything in a Zip file by now simply right-clicking from Finder or menu bar on your Mac!
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