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Paint With Music
Turn paint brush into musical instruments and compose music
Teachable Machine
Train a computer to recognize images, sounds, & poses
Find Food Support by Google
Resources for people struggling with food insecurity in USA
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  • Launch
    Paint With Music is an interactive experience which connects two major forms of artistic expressions: painting and musical composition.
    Powered by Magenta's DDSP library (Differentiable Digital Signal Processing).
  • Launch
    Find Food Support connects people to food support resources, including hotlines, SNAP information, and a Google Maps locator tool that points people to their local food banks, food pantries and school meal program pickup locations, among other things.
  • Launch
    Know Your Data helps researchers, engineers, product teams, and decision makers understand datasets with the goal of improving data quality, and helping mitigate fairness and bias issues.
    ⚡ Explore 70+ ML datasets
    ⚡ Filter & group in real-time
  • Launch
    A collection of experiences made with WebXR, which brings together AR and VR on the web to make them more convenient and widely accessible.
  • Launch
    Google's video conferencing hardware built in collaboration with Lenovo features full Google Assitant support & Google AI to take meetings to another level.
  • Launch
    Question Hub is a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions. Question Hub is currently available in India (Hindi, English), Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), and Nigeria (English).
  • Launch
    Weird Cuts uses the procedure of cutting and assembling to augment our space and to explore the poetic of AR. Created with the support of Google Arts & Culture.
  • Launch
    An experiment at the boundaries of AI and human collaboration. Donate a word to become part of an ever evolving collective poem and create your own Poem Portrait.