The Meeting Owl

Intelligent 360°All-in-One Video Conferencing Hardware
The Meeting Owl helps remote team members see, hear and participate in meetings. It works with whatever video conferencing platform you use today to provide a 360* view of the room, intelligent speaker focus and superior audio, to ensure your remote employees can see and hear it all.

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Whiteboard Owl
360° smart whiteboard camera
2020 State of Remote Work Report
Top trends + stats from our survey of 2,000+ US workers
Meeting Owl Pro
360° smart video conferencing camera
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  • Launch
    Owl Labs’ new whiteboard camera pairs with the Meeting Owl to deliver a whiteboard experience that’s better than being in the room. It enhances and captures content to ensure hybrid whiteboard sessions don’t leave remote participants out of the discussion.
  • Launch
    2020 is the year the world went remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    We surveyed 2000+ workers across the US to find out:
    🌎 How they feel about working remotely
    💻 Their new workplace expectations
    📈 What employers need to know to recruit and retain top talent
  • Launch
    Never have a bad video meeting again.
    Owl Labs’ new 360° smart video conferencing camera is here. The Meeting Owl Pro uses smart tech, audio + visual cues and a WiFi based intelligence system to make you feel like you’re in the room, no matter your location.
  • Launch

    Find out how much your company is spending on meetings! This Meeting Cost Calculator is a simple way to estimate how much your meetings cost. Plug and chug your basic meeting information, estimate how much each meeting attendee makes in a simple menu, then the calculator will do all the hard work for you.