Talk to your team using video & voice clips.
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What is Standups?
Standups is a video & voice stories platform that will unite your remote team. Build better, more productive & happier remote teams with Standups.

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/record by Standups
The best way to send video & voice messages directly on Slack with AI-powered transcripts! Type in `/record` to start recording a video or voice message.
When you're finished, your message gets uploaded to Slack as an attachment with its transcript attached.
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Standups for Mobile

Standups is platform to connect with, get updates from & conduct standups with distributed employees around the world ğŸŒŽ

Daily face-to-face → improve your remote team's engagement, cohesion & accountability 🚀

📱 Story UI

⏳ 2–5 min timebox

👥 Share updates in advance

🛢 Unlimited storage

🕑 Any GMT zone


🔜 Reactions, Text & @mentions ✨

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