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Stack Advice
Get advice from developers on specific tech stack decisions
StackShare API
Clearbit for tech stacks: data for 1.5M+ companies
Stack Decisions
An easy way to share why you chose the tools in your stack
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  • Launch
    Stack Advice is a new way for you to connect with a community of developers to get help making important technology decisions.
  • Announcement
    #4 Product of the day
    StackShare API ranked 4th Product of the day for Dec 5, 2019 with 178 upvotes and 11 comments
    Dec 5, 2019
  • Launch
    The StackShare API provides SaaS companies & investors with better technographic/tech stack data than any other service. Imagine all the data on StackShare at your fingertips, plus over 1 million more companies. Use it for leads, enrichment, and trends.
  • Launch

    Quickly explain what's in your stack & instantly get in front of the growing StackShare community of 250K+ developers. Decisions are longer than a tweet & much shorter than a Medium post.

    We’re launching this w/some of the most ❤️ tools on StackShare, including Microsoft .NET, DigitalOcean, Postman, Codecov, Auth0, Algolia, Kong, Sentry, & Zulip

  • Launch
    Google Alerts for your tech stack
  • Launch
    Tech stack confessions from the best startups in the world
  • Launch
    Find engineering jobs that match your tech stack
  • Launch
    Think you know your dev tools? Prove it!