Build custom apps powered by your data, no code required.
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Softr Mobile was ranked at #4 No code for 2022
#4 No code Product of the Year
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What is Softr?
Softr turns your spreadsheets (Airtable, Google Sheets) and databases into customer portals, internal tools, and any other custom app. Pick a template or start from scratch.
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Polymer hiring
Polymer hiring
Hiring made simple
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Softr enabled us to quickly iterate and launch using no-code solutions. It brought our database to life efficiently, letting us focus on connecting founders with investors.
Thanks to Softer I was able to create the EasyFiller landing page in a matter of an hour. It certainly made my job easier than ever.
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Softr AI
🎉 Build apps effortlessly with a single prompt! Whether it's an intranet, client portal, or an internal tool, see your prompts come to life with a fully functional web app. Dive into a world of endless possibilities with Softr.
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Softr Universe
Softr Universe is the new medium for anyone to discover, share and use templates created by the Softr community. It is a perfect place for you to showcase your Softr skills, generate new leads for your businesses, and be recognized as a top no-coder!
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