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Slite + Excalidraw
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  • Launch
    Slite is where remote teams get their best work done. Our latest update merges the two most important elements of remote collaboration: documentation and decision-making. Start discussions and finish with clear, well-documented decisions.
  • Launch
    Slite, the collaborative workspace for your team's documents, notes, wiki just got a bit better by letting you draw and sketch right into it ✨🧑‍🎨
    We did so by integrating with Excalidraw, one of the best open source sketching tool out there.
    Slite + Excalidraw
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    #4 Product of the day
    Slite 2.0 ranked 4th Product of the day for Oct 20, 2020 with 477 upvotes and 86 comments
    Oct 20, 2020
  • Launch
    The all new Slite gives your team one place to share ideas, collect knowledge and stay in tune across time and space. Faster, more collaborative and more complete, we can't wait to hear what you think.
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    #3 Product of the day
    Lead by Writing ranked 3rd Product of the day for Sep 19, 2019 with 281 upvotes and 10 comments
    Sep 19, 2019
  • Launch
    A handbook of templates for everything managers can’t afford to do badly, by the best leaders in the industry. Covering recruiting, onboarding, giving feedback and more coming soon.
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    #5 Product of the week
    Startup Bibles ranked 5th Product of the week for May 11, 2019 with 616 upvotes and 14 comments
    May 11, 2019
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    #5 Product of the day
    Startup Bibles ranked 5th Product of the day for May 9, 2019 with 371 upvotes and 13 comments
    May 9, 2019