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What is Sleuth?
Improve your team's engineering efficiency easily and continuously. Sleuth gives your team actionable insights on how to improve developer workflows, automations to instantly ship improvements, and metrics to measure the impact of those improvements. Sleuth works to establish baselines, identify bottlenecks, and measure impact by integrating with your entire toolchain - from source control, issue tracker, CI/CD, to incident tracker and observability tools.
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Sleuth tech stack

We're aware of 12 technologies that Sleuth is built with. Sleuth utilizes products like Webflow, Facebook in their tech stack

Recent launches

Sleuth Automations
Automations Marketplace is your one-stop shop to improve your team’s engineering efficiency. With very little time investment, you can choose one of Sleuth’s pre-built, no-code automations, and install and configure it with just a few clicks.
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Track software deployments through your remote team's complete DevOps stack, integrating the tools your team already uses. Plan, schedule, and track releases across timezones, and when something goes wrong, quickly identify, resolve, and re-deploy.
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