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What is SigmaOS Browser?
SigmaOS is the first browser made for work, designed to make YOU faster and better. 🗂️ Workspaces to organize your pages and web-apps 💤 Snooze pages to keep your mind clear ✂️ Split screen to multitask like a pro Give it a try now:

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SigmaOS 1.0
SigmaOS makes you fast and focused when you’re working on the web:
🗂️ Workspaces – organize your tabs like a to-do list
✂️ Split Screen – work on two pages at once
🎮 Multiplayer – co-browse with teammates and friends

No waitlist BS, download now!
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Lazy Search by SigmaOS
Meet the Lazy Search 🔍
Tabs, Searches, Commands, Bookmarks… one tool to search them all, one tool to rule them all 👑

No waitlist BS, try it today 🤩
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