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Options Exercise Tax Calculator v2
See how much money you need to exercise your startup options
Startup Equity Profit Simulator by Secfi
See the potential after-tax value of your options and shares
Options Exercise Financing By Secfi
Exercise your startup options without the risk
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    A free tool dedicated to calculating how much you'll owe in taxes if you exercise your stock options. Can help you plan and reduce your tax bill upon sale. Includes AMT calculations and supports both ISOs and NSOs.
  • Launch
    A 100% free tool that calculates the expected profit and taxes of your startup options and shares. Simply forecast your company's exit value, or enter a sell price per share and see the breakdown.
  • Launch
    Secfi helps start-up employees make the most of their equity situation. Our exercise financing helps minimize personal risk and covers exercise costs and taxes. Participate in your company's success, while keeping your savings to achieve your life goals.
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    Our product helps you better understand what the real value of your startup option package is. We calculate your tax bills for you and show you how you can make the most of your startup equity. Interested to get your feedback!