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ScrapingBee is a Web Scraping API that handles proxies and Headless browser for you, so you can focus on extracting the data you want, and nothing else.
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    ⛔️ Scraping the web can be really hard.
    ✅ Not with this book !
    This book will teach you:
    - The fundamentals of web scraping
    - How to deal with Javascript-heavy websites
    - How to stay under cover
    The examples are in Java but can be applied to any language.
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    #2 Product of the day
    ScrapingBee (formerly ScrapingNinja) ranked 2nd Product of the day for Aug 26, 2019 with 218 upvotes and 14 comments
    Aug 26, 2019
  • Launch
    Web Scraping is hard, scraping at scale can be very challenging.
    ScrapingBee is a simple API that does many things for you so can just focus on the data you want to extract and the product you wan to build.