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The world's biggest premium icon packs library of flat icons, line icons, filled outline, isometric and solid styles. Icon sets in PSD PNG Sketch Illustrator SVG with commercial use icons.

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1000 Detailed Creative Icons

This pack is made to impress, each icon is made with high complexity and beautiful shading details that stands out. We focused here at creating pictographs that deliver more meaning than a simple icon would do.

We currently have 1000 icons available and nice free set of 30 icons to try out.

working on adding more icons in the next few days ;)

1000 Detailed Creative Icons image
1000 Gradient Minimal Icons

This is a pack of 1000+ Gradient icons, you can easily use it to add a trendy nice clean feel to your websites and apps. We created this pack after a lot of users asked for icons that works well with our famous Gradient Scene Illustrations:

So here you go, there's a 100 free icons to try ;)

1000 Gradient Minimal Icons image
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