All-in-one monitoring for Ruby on Rails applications.
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What is RorVsWild?
RorVsWild monitors requests, background jobs and errors. It provides Ruby on Rails developers with actionable performances insights and errors notifications.

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RoRvsWild theme
RoRvsWild theme is a color theme for developers, with a dark and a light version, available for Atom, Textmate, Sublime, Gnome, and Visual Studio Code.
RoRvsWild theme uses HUSL colors to deliver a consistent WCAG 2.0 AA compliant contrast.
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Speed is the most important feature.

Slow and unreliable websites lose customers.

RoRvsWild monitors, pinpoints bottlenecks and track issues in Ruby on Rails applications.

RoRvsWild measures the response time and throughput of all requests and background jobs, and lets Rails developers easily find out where to focus their optimizations on.

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