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A note-taking tool for networked thought
As easy to use as a word document or bulleted list, and as powerful for finding, collecting, and connecting related ideas as a graph database. Collaborate with others in real time, or store all your data locally.
AI-assisted data import, embedded right into your product

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  • Announcement
    Nominated for Golden Kitty 2020 in Product of the Year
    The community submitted over 10,500 nominations to tell us what products were their favorites from 2020. Roam Research was nominated in the Product of the Year category and became finalist of the Golden Kitty Award 2020.
    Feb 19, 2021
  • Announcement
    #1 Product of the day
    Roam Research ranked 1st Product of the day for Jan 11, 2020 with 139 upvotes and 10 comments
    Jan 11, 2020
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    A note-taking tool for networked thought.

Questions about Roam Research

Frequently asked questions

According to some concerned users, Roam Research is somewhat lax in its data security and could do more.

Although they are a cloud service, they do not offer end-to-end encryption and this would leave any customer's private data immediately vulnerable if they were to be hacked.

No, Roam Research does not offer a free plan.

They do offer three different payment options:

  • Monthly Payments - $15/month
  • Annual Upfront - $13.75 a month
  • Believer - $500 for five years. This plan grants you first access to new features, community calls with the team, and priority support.

Roam Research is a note-taking application with one rather unique and compelling difference - it allows you to connect different notes to each other through what the company refers to as "Networked Thought."

What this essentially does is it creates and reveals relationships between your notes that you might not have before seen or realized. Roam Research is unique in note-taking apps in that it has a cult following among researchers, writers, and techies alike.

Roam Research received the following awards:

  • #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on January 11, 2020
  • Product of the Year Winner for Product Hunt's 2020 Golden Kitty Awards