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Build custom internal tools in minutes. Build an interface via our drag-and-drop UI, hook it up to your data, and you're done.
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Wordle Solver
Keep your Wordle winning streak alive—without anyone knowing
Developer Utilities by Retool
Import CSV to PostgreSQL, generate a mock API, and 20+ more
Retool, Self-Hosted
A low code platform to build internal tools
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  • Announcement
    #5 Product of the day
    Developer Utilities by Retool ranked 5th Product of the day for Jul 19, 2021 with 204 upvotes and 4 comments
    Jul 19, 2021
  • Launch
    Building an app or testing a feature? We’ve built 20+ dev tools to make it easy.
    Retool Utilities are a hub of dev tools—ranging from a RegEx generator to writing mock data to PostgreSQL—that make app building easier and faster.
  • Announcement
    #4 Product of the week
    Retool, Self-Hosted ranked 4th Product of the week for Jun 19, 2021 with 960 upvotes and 83 comments
    Jun 19, 2021
  • Announcement
    #2 Product of the day
    Retool, Self-Hosted ranked 2nd Product of the day for Jun 15, 2021 with 572 upvotes and 49 comments
    Jun 15, 2021
  • Launch
    Our low code app builder combines the ease of drag-and-drop visual components with APIs, logic, and escape hatches so developers can custom code whatever they need. Now with self-serve plans that you can deploy on your own private network.
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    #1 Product of the week
    Mock API Generator ranked 1st Product of the week for Apr 10, 2021 with 1,073 upvotes and 102 comments
    Apr 10, 2021
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    #3 Product of the day
    Mock API Generator ranked 3rd Product of the day for Apr 6, 2021 with 462 upvotes and 80 comments
    Apr 6, 2021
  • Launch
    Generate a REST API with read + write endpoints on top of a sample dataset in less than 30 secs. Customize your dataset with dozens of datatypes. Built for testing, BI demo data, prototypes and more.