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What is Product Hunt?
Founded in 2013 as a tiny side project, Product Hunt has become the place for makers and companies to launch their latest app, gadget, or physical products to the world. It's a global community of friendly folks sharing and discussing the latest in tech.
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Makers get only 3 shoutouts per launch
The launchpad for our success! Product Hunt has been a game-changer in bringing Autoapply Jobs to the forefront of the job application landscape. The exposure and feedback we've received from the vibrant Product Hunt community have been invaluable in refining our platform and reaching a wider audience. Thanks to Product Hunt, we've connected with countless job seekers and employers, propelling our mission forward.
A big thank you to Product Hunt for offering us the opportunity to showcase our AI content generator to a global audience. We appreciate your support of startups and innovation!
Thanks for hosting Open Demo Nights and building relationships with founders. Those events helped me build the confidence and get the feedback I needed to launch today. You guys rock!
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In your next launch, you can highlight up to 3 products that were indispensable in building your product, along with a note explaining why you love them. They'll also be notified that you gave them a Shoutout, in case they'd like to support your launch.
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Interactive Launch Guide
We answered common questions, dispelled myths, and shared tips for your launch in the ultimate Product Hunt Launch Guide. Now, we've made it easier to see what's important. Check out our new interactive guide, here on our launch page, built with ScreenSpace!
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Questions about Product Hunt

Frequently asked questions

If you got marked as a spammer and aren’t sure why, please take a look at these:

  • We have community guidelines that outline what would cause an account to be marked as a spammer.
  • Refer to this article for information on personal vs company accounts.

If someone else has already hunted your product, you have two options. One: Make the most of this opportunity, and launch again later when you’re ready. Two: Let us know ASAP and we’ll help. Learn more.

You can launch as often as you have new significant product iterations available. Learn more here.

The best day to launch is the day on which you’re most prepared. There are pros and cons to launching on each day. Learn more.

12:01 am Pacific Time is the best time to launch for makers that are planning ahead and don’t have limitations or other opportunities. Read more here.

No. We encourage makers to hunt their own products, and there’s no discernable advantage to using a third-party hunter. So take a look in the mirror — we’ve found your hunter! Learn more here.

You can share your launch link however you wish. The only real rule here is that you cannot ask people directly to upvote your product. Instead, ask them to visit and comment. Check out the full Launch Guide for lots of promotion tips.

Yes. The Product Hunt Launch Guide includes a list of all the items you should prepare for launch.

No. Company accounts are prohibited. Learn more.

Log in, click the "Submit" button in the top right, and then click “New Product.” You’ll be prompted first to enter in the product's URL and will start the flow to submit your product. Read the full Product Hunt Launch Guide for best practices in preparation and launching.

Yes, for many makers, launching on Product Hunt was worth it — i.e. putting time and effort into their launch helped them achieve their goals. Read success stories about Notion, Loom, and Framer for more.

One of the main reasons you should consider using Product Hunt as a maker is to get distribution. By launching your product on Product Hunt, you are gaining access to a global community of enthusiastic early adopters, tech lovers, and product people. Read through more reasons why people launch on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is good for makers because it gives them an audience for the things they’ve made. When makers launch their products on Product Hunt, they have access to a huge, global audience of early adopters and tech enthusiasts actively looking for exciting new products. Comments and conversation also allow makers to gather feedback, and often open the door to networking, partnership, and even funding opportunities. Read our full guide for best practices and other details.

Makers in the community share what they’ve built by hunting (submitting) their product. Products are hunted by community members daily. Others in the community can upvote, comment, and share those products as they compete on the homepage leaderboard for top spots, including Product of the Day. Read our full guide for best practices and other details.

Product Hunt is first and foremost a global community. The Product Hunt community is made up of makers, technophiles, product people, entrepreneurs, investors, creators, early adopters, and folks who just love new ideas.

On the Product Hunt platform, makers in the community share what they’ve built. Products are submitted, or hunted, by community members daily. Others in the community can upvote, comment, and share those products as they compete on the homepage leaderboard for top spots, including Product of the Day. Read our full guide for best practices and other details.

Yes. It’s 100% free to use. Learn more