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What is ProApp - Learn Design?
Transform your design skills with ProApp. Dive into 80+ Bite-Sized courses, like UI/UX, graphic design, Web3, Design in AR/VR, AI in design, and more. Learn theory, tackle practical tasks, and gain insights from industry experts. Our unique Pro-Mentor AI is accessible 24/7, helping you anytime. Live workshops, certificates, and real-world challenges boost your portfolio. With ProApp, superior design education is now affordable and accessible, powered by AI. Jumpstart your design career today!
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ProApp: Learn Design the AI Way
ProApp is transforming design learning! We built an affordable platform with an AI-Powered Design Mentor, 80+ bite-sized courses in diverse design fields, weekly workshops with experts, and design challenges. Start your journey with us and become a Design Pro.
ProApp Learn Design
ProApp is a place to learn all things Design. It's your Digital Design College to learn various Design disciplines with bite-sized content on the go. We launched with 30+ courses - UI/UX design, HCI, Mobile & Web Design, Typography, Microcopy, & many more.