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Planable is the command center for your social media team. Create and plan social media campaigns, collaborate on content with your team and clients. Make sure every post is perfect and approved before going live. Easily publish and schedule content on supported social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

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Social Media Pricing Calculator
Find out how to price your agency services fairly
Holiday Kit 2020 for Marketers
Everything marketers need to plan perfect holiday campaigns
Planable Flexible Approval Workflows
For efficient social media teams

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    Planable, along with pricing experts from Soft Fight, built the pricing calculator that agencies & freelancers need. No complicated formulas. No boring spreadsheets. Simply fill out a brief form & find out how much to charge for your social media services.
  • Launch
    If terrifying Halloween characters scare you less than planning the holiday campaigns… you’ve come to the right place. Our Marketing Kit includes super helpful resources for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas & New Year’s Eve.
  • Launch
    Made a cross-promo deal with Santa, and promised to promote him to the coolest marketers out there. Until Christmas, you get a new gift every day. Guaranteed. So for the love of Mariah Carey, check your advent calendar every day. New gift at 12 AM PST.
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    Now more than ever content marketing is looking at an incredible growth in both magnitude and complexity.
    This report sheds light on what slows content marketing down, how efficient today’s processes are, and how much is lost due to poorly defined workflows.
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    #4 Product of the day
    Marketing Teams of The Future ranked 4th Product of the day for Apr 25, 2019 with 334 upvotes and 14 comments
    Apr 25, 2019
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    The Marketing Teams of the Future is an ebook that navigates content marketing’s journey from the early beginnings and dives into a profound analysis of today’s industry. The book is free to download for everyone in every format.
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    Brands & marketers are still struggling to find the sweet spot of engagement on Instagram. So we’ve partnered up and looked at over 100 brands in the 9 most popular industries.
    Learn the main lessons, techniques, and strategies from the world’s best marketers.
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    From the producers of the 18’ Summer calendar & 18’ Autumn calendar, we give you the full 2019 emoji calendar.

    For any awesome marketer who plans ahead, celebrates events with their audience, and never misses the opportunity of a great campaign. And gasps at a good design. And loves emojis.

    It’s for you.

    Here's the Google Calendar version.