PhantomBuster opens a new era of lead generation.
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What is PhantomBuster?
PhantomBuster is a technology company that has been disrupting data scraping and automation on the web since 2016. We offer lead generation solutions in the form of Phantoms available for over 20 categories to help you generate leads on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Sign up today to generate leads from all major networks & websites.

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Product Wars
Follow your Product Hunt Launch in Real-Time!
See which of your PR actions are working, how your competitors are doing and if your momentum is good.
Display it on a big screen, and experience the real war-room thrill of a Product Hunt launch.
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We mix data-scraping and social media automation to build growth-hackers favorite tool. Our shop contains more than 60 actions (and new ones every week!).

Our goal: Let creative, non-technical people easily setup automatic and efficient growth strategies.

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