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Roof Space One
A New Approach To Rooftop Tents. Made in Germany.
Smart Sit and Stand Desk 2.0
Virtual assistant capable smart desk
Universal Charger
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  • Launch
    High Quality and Innovation. The newly developed rooftop tent from Roof Space was developed in Germany and manufactured with robust and sustainable materials. With Roof Space you are always flexible and comfortable on the road.
  • Launch
    The first desk to integrate with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. Use the routines feature to set how much you want to sit and stand. Adjust with your virtual assistant, app, or with the built in touch sensor. Featuring a large stain + scratch resistant tabletop!
  • Launch
    Introducing Mieum’s first product - universal charger (UC01)
    . The UC01 replaces the bulkiness of traditional travel adapters with a light, stylish and robust unit. Stylish, simple to use and sustainable - 3 elements that run through all our products.⠀
  • Launch
    Your workstation, anywhere. EDGE is the ultimate laptop and tablet accessory to boost productivity while you work from home.
    Always have the needed information at eye level, reduce distractions, charge your phone and light up your meetings.
  • Launch
    Hello, I'm Alfred,
    The world’s first holographic AI educational assistant. I’m the most fun, talkative, and emotionally intelligent sidekick ever.
    Our mission revolutionize education by making it fun and affordable all over the galaxy 🌍
  • Launch
    InCharge X is the world's only 100W 6-in-1 keyring cable. Thanks to its 6 charging combinations, you can charge almost any device at super high speed. Available in a 5 foot long version, too!
  • Launch
    Enjoy unlimited live music played by a mechanical music box- you can even make your own songs!
    With the patented cylinder and exclusive app for Muro Box, you can enjoy the live music performance of a mechanical music box playing all of your favorite songs!
  • Launch
    The ZyneGo Backpack is the world's first AI-powered backpack that, with the help of the innovative suspension system (AtlasSystem™), uses deep learning to take the strain off your shoulders in only 3 steps with the companion APP.