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Collection Page Merchandising
Sorts Shopify collection pages using data analytics
Engati for Shopify
Grow your Shopify business with omnichannel CX
Loss Leader for Shopify
Liquidate unwanted inventory to grow your remarketing lists.

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  • Launch
    The Collection Page Merchandising app helps rearrange products on the Shopify collection pages, improving click-through rates and thus increasing conversion rates. The app uses advanced rules and data analytics to assign product rankings using past data.
  • Launch
    For integrated social commerce on Shopify, with the power of Omnichannel One View. Install free
    2X conversions
    3X repeat orders
    Cart abandonment drops by 70%
    Starting under $3 per day, automate your eCommerce flow of business.
  • Launch
    This app allows you to quickly and easily edit many products or variants in your Shopify store, saving you hours of tedious, manual work. We do the boring work, so you can spend more time improving your store!
  • Launch
    Twik understands shoppers and predicts their intentions.

    Using autonomous personalizations, twik increases sales by presenting shoppers with products they really want. Twik creates a unique experience for each user.

    · No configuration or maintenance needed.
  • Launch
    Are you a Shopify store owner who needs the CX team to work 25 hours a day?
    Or trying to clone the customer service team?
    - Then check MyAlice and unlock the full potential of your multichannel sales.
  • Launch
    Analyze all your customers and put them into six different segments using the RFM method. See what's your customer lifetime value.
    For each segment, we recommend tips and best practices. Export Segments to other tools.
  • Launch
    Sell Digital Products Securely.
    Sell digital products from your Shopify store with better control and copyright protection.
  • Launch
    Insite is a powerful yet simple tool that helps you learn what your customers want from you. Embed a custom, elegant feedback survey into your website in under 5 minutes.