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OpenArt is an AI image generation platform that makes you 10x More Creative and Productive. We’re a startup based in San Francisco founded by ex-Googlers. We are lovers of generative art ourselves and want to create a new platform for AI artists and enthusiasts. The platform is constantly evolving with rapid development. Welcome to join our Discord server ( for daily free credits. media 1 media 2 media 3

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Push past the limits of simple text prompts for AI image generation. Hundreds of developers build their own image apps with customized styles and features on OpenArt. Explore & discover the right AI image app or build your own in minutes.
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OpenArt - Artistic AI QR Code Generator
Artistic AI Generated QR Codes, bringing delightful scanning experience to your audience. Our mission at OpenArt is to democratize the way people use Generative AI technologies, and build amazing products that make people 10x More Creative And Productive.
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