The Tesla of chicken nuggets
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NUGGS has developed a chicken nugget simulation that uses innovative pea protein technology to create a product more advanced than an animal-based nugget.
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    NUGGS is a chicken nugget simulation that uses a new texturized pea protein technology to create a nugget more advanced than nuggets made with primitive animal-based technology.

Questions about NUGGS

Frequently asked questions

NUGGS could be considered keto since they do contain a decent amount of protein, more so than their traditional chicken counterparts. However, they also contain carbohydrates. Whether NUGGS are keto or not depends upon how rigorous you are with your keto diet.

Yes, NUGGS are vegan. NUGGS are meatless plant-based nuggets made with a proprietary blend of soy and wheat meant to mimic the taste and texture of a chicken nugget.

Yes, NUGGS are frozen. You purchase NUGGS frozen in boxes of 50 and must keep them frozen until they are ready to be prepared.

Yes, you can air fry NUGGS. In fact, air frying NUGGS is one of the two recommended baking methods. Set your air fryer for 400 degrees and in 8 minutes you’ll have some NUGGS ready to eat!

NUGGS are probably GMO given that many of the ingredients that make up NUGGS are difficult to procure in non-GMO form. So while NUGGS may not seek to use GMO ingredients they do not guarantee that the oil or flour used is GMO.

Yes, dogs can eat NUGGS. As long as your pooch isn’t allergic to any of the plant based ingredients your doggo can wolf down as many NUGGS as they like within reason.

Yes, you can microwave NUGGS but it is not one of the recommended methods. Preparing NUGGS in the oven or an air fryer will ensure that they have the crunch expected from a “chicken” nugget.

It’s hard to determine whether NUGGS are fried or not. The description of NUGGS on the SIMULATE website doesn't specify exactly how the ‘wheat-based coating system’ is prepared, only that it provides the necessary crunch.

Yes, you can buy NUGGS in a variety of stores. At present they are available at many Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. They can often also be found at specialty organic and health food stores that cater to vegans.

Yes, NUGGS is a real meatless chicken nugget made by SIMULATE. It may sound like a dodgy SNL skit or an April Fools’ Day gag given that NUGGS descriptions are written like software release notes. But NUGGS can be purchased, baked and consumed.