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Software development is stressful. MIndfulness can bring peace of mind. In the magazine we'll explorer how development can benefit from adapting mindfulness.
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Mindful Eating App
Overcome your productivity-ruining eating behavior
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Own your time and finish what matters to you
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Get the tools you need to set and achieve your goals.
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    Your productivity depends on a healthy body and mind. But your eating habits can ruin that fast and make you feel sluggish and brain foggy. Track your mood, hunger and food to uncover your unhealthy eating habits. Get a clear mind and get better done.
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    Breathing meditations. Do the breathing exercises as long as you wish. 4-2-4, 4-7-8. box and HRV @ 5 bpm so far.
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    Llamazing Fun, Inspiration, and Relaxation in every new tab. Handsome llama, pirate llama, and a secret one you will meet in the extension welcome you with a quote in every new tab and sometimes remind you to take a break.
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    A complete no-app, no-code, no-battery habit tracker to make your new habit stick. Print it out, grab some pens and get started.
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    It is easy to forget your mindfulness practice during a stressful workday. Mindful Moments Reminder sits in your Mac Menu Bar and reminds you during the day with a short guided meditation.