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It is an edTech OTT platform built exclusively for Marketers. The edTech websites currently available aren't exactly dynamic, engaging & responsive. This aims to solve that issue.
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Sleepy Baby
Sleepy Baby
A soundboard to help parents put their little ones to sleep
CBC List
Take Inspiration from the best CBC landing pages
Covid Alert
Covid Alert
Smart COVID alerts that allow you live a normal life
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  • Launch
    Help your baby sleep with the Sleepy Baby soundboard. White noise is a great way to help your little one go to bed. Pick and choose your favourite sounds to make the ideal environment for them.
    Sleepy Baby
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    CBC List ranked 3rd Product of the day for Sep 5, 2021 with 200 upvotes and 57 comments
    Sep 5, 2021
  • Launch
    An optimised list of landing pages from the top CBCs around the globe that helped them grow at an accelrated pace.
  • Launch
    Smart alerts based on geo location & real time COVID data, so that you can live a normal life, make better life decisions, and save time from following twitters for outdated COVID news
    Covid Alert
  • Launch
    Discover a new movie to watch in 30 seconds. Say goodbye to endless Netflix scrolling, and hello to the perfect movie night.
    Filter and sort by genres, ratings, actors, directors and more. MovieTable is the best way to find your next watch.
  • Launch
    An open source library, with endless (well...kinda) combinations.
    Create your own avatar, have fun with it... be the one with funny glasses, a wild hair style or a sexy outfit.
    Custom components:
    👄 Mouth, 👀 eyes, 👃 nose, 💇 hairstyle, 👗 outfit
    Avatar U
  • Launch
    breakthru is a curated list of 40+ self-care tools & resources.
    It's not easy to find mental health solutions on the internet. Spend less time searching and more time working on your mental well being by trying out apps, podcasts, newsletters on breakthru.
  • Launch
    Wizardry is a responsive scaling technique primarily for Webflow development. It's EM to PX converter and jQuery builder make website dev in Webflow more efficient.