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Ecommerce Recommendation Tool
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Magento Hosting Calculator
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    Magento Hosting Calculator helps developers & store owners to find out the most suitable server resource specifications (such as CPU, RAM etc.) for hosting Magento stores.
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    SSL Security Checker is a security tool that reports the status of the SSL certificate(s) installed on the websites. The idea is to give the site owners a heads up about the security status of the website.
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    Ecommerce is big and can cause bigger problems while trying to understand what certain words mean. At Magenticians, we’re all about making things easier in the world of ecommerce, whether it is the field, or the words themselves..
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    Magenticians’ Ecommerce Hub is where you’ll find all the ingredients needed to brew the ultimate Ecommerce experience.

    Catering 4 of the most evident ecommerce platforms; Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce, with all the essential tools and needed resources. It is designed to help ecommerce enthusiasts, and business owners & starters.