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loomSDK beta was ranked at #2 Developer tool for 2021
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What is Loom?
Record on your camera and screen on any device using the Chrome extension, desktop app, or mobile app. Share your video link in a few clicks.
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Helping us create quick screencasts while supporting our clients
This is super helpful for remote collaboration with the team!
Superhuman 2.0 has a lot of surface area. Loom helped us rapidly record any bugs and share new ideas!
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Loom AI Workflows
What if your workflow begins and ends with a Loom video? Now you can say it, show it, then let Loom write it for you: the best and easiest video messaging software now enables effective video and written communication for work. Introducing Loom AI workflows.
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Loom AI
The Loom AI Suite is built to help you be more productive and efficient without lifting a finger. The suite boosts viewer engagement on Looms by 18%, and 73% of people said it is “extremely or very valuable” to their workflows today.
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Questions about Loom

Frequently asked questions

Loom has a 95% positive review rate and a 97% recommendation rate on GetApp Loom also got a lot of love on Proudct Hunt, earning the app the following awards:

  • #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on June 17th, 2016
  • #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt on June 17th, 2016
  • #4 Product of the Month on Product Hunt on June 17th, 2016

Loom starter accounts are free, with different pricing available depending on which plan you choose.

Loom Business is available for $10/mo per Creator, or $8/mo annually, with up to 50 users in free Creator Lite roles.

Loom Enterprise is available at a custom rate based on volume.

The main way Loom is different from Zoom is that Zoom is meant for live conferencing, while messages on Loom can be viewed and replied to at the user's convenience -- this makes the service ideal for remote teams and asynchronous collaboration.

Loom is a screen recorder app that brings all the accessibility of screen sharing together with the ease of instant messaging. Loom allows you to record your screen along with audio or video overlays so that you can easily send high fidelity videos to colleagues.

The company was founded in 2015 by Joe Thomas, Vinay Hiremath, and Shahed Khan. It currently boasts over 12M users from over 200K companies, and has raised over $203M in venture capital.