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Listnr AI

Listnr AI helps users create realistic content in seconds
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What is Listnr AI?
Listnr helps users create realistic AI content, choose from over 900+ voices in 142 languages. We serve more than 1.2 million users across the world ๐ŸŒ We've been working hard these past few months to make sure we deliver the best voice quality with Listnr to all our users.

Listnr AI tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that Listnr AI is built with. Listnr AI utilizes products like Product Hunt, Microsoft Clarity in their tech stack

Recent launches

Listnr 2.0
Super stoked to present Listnr 2.0 today - a simple AI voiceover tool that lets you create beautiful audio experiences within seconds.
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Listnr for Chrome
Listnr for Chrome allows you to Listen to your favourite content on the internet by converting written content into a Podcast.
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2 more launches

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