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Kodezi is a AI developer tool platform that auto-corrects your code in real-time. We’re on a mission to 10x productivity in programming!

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    Kodezi is an AI developer tool platform built for productivity. 🛠️ Automated code debugging with detailed explanations. ⌨️ Generate code from instructions 💬 Ask, search, retrieve anything from your codebase! 👉 and much more! Try it out kodezi.com
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    Kodezi ranked 4th Product of the day for Mar 22, 2022 with 257 upvotes and 47 comments
    Mar 22, 2022
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    Improve your code instantaneously using AI.

    🛠️ Debug syntax, logical, and complex programming bugs.
    🔀 Optimize your code for optimum efficiency
    🔁 Convert codebases from one language to another.
    💬 Generate Comments & thorough explanations of code.