Internal search engine powered by AI.
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What is Klu?
Klu is your internal search engine, pulling data from your apps. Find anything, ask questions, or engage in chat with your data, whether it's a Notion page, an email, or a Google Drive file. Think of it as your own Google.

Klu tech stack

We're aware of 4 technologies that Klu is built with. Klu utilizes products like Webflow, Google Fonts in their tech stack

Recent launches

Klu AI
Your own Google. Connect apps like Slack, Notion, and Google Drive. Find files or chat with your data instantly. Need updates or answers? Just ask Klu and work like Flash!
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πŸ”Ž Internal search engine powered by AI. With Klu, you can find, save, and organize information in one centralized place.
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Sandra Djajic
Don't forget to chat with your notion page.
Klu is really amazing and it finds any data you need in a second. But chatting with your Notion page or any file is next level. Please test it out!