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    I am poor at English. sorry.
    The simplest cloud BINGO site in the world.
    Both the host and the player are all done in the browser.
    No bingo machine or bingo card required.
    You can use it for free at any time.
    Any number of people can use it for free.
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    A business/contact card generator which is very easy to use. Just enter your details and get a preview of your card before downloading it! You can also set different card themes. Made using React JS.
    Icons Attribution: Icongeek26 - Flaticon, font-awesome
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    Twittermarks lets you easily browse the Twitter likes of a specific user. Just select user, wait for the tweets to load and search among the tweets. It lets you see what someone likes or retrieve your own likes if you use your likes as bookmarks.
  • Launch
    Alexandr is a french sentence corrector. It is also able to improve your style by removing wordy stuff. Moreover, it gives you an insight into the clarity, readability, and tone of your text. This unique product will make your french better!
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    #5 Product of the day
    DadJokeDaily ranked 5th Product of the day for Dec 26, 2021 with 40 upvotes and 5 comments
    Dec 26, 2021
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    A web and email based service where you can view the best collections of dad jokes on the internet and sends you corny jokes directly to your mailbox
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    This is an AI that generates random humans, It consists of additional information like location, name, zodiac and many more
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    EazyLoader is Flask based web-application built to make downloading easy for you. Download videos and pictures from YouTube and Instagram in the best available quality. In addition to that, you can calculate duration of YouTube Playlist at different speeds.