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  • Launch
    InVision is now the place for teams of all kinds to come together, get organized, meet, brainstorm, and push work forward. Integrate your team's most used tools in one location with Spaces. Move from whiteboard to workboard and host meetings that matter.
  • Launch
    Transform how you collaborate with templates created by industry leaders, all available for free in Freehand, InVision’s real-time online whiteboard. Get inspired with the Freehand Template Gallery.
  • Launch
    Check out the new InVision DSM — we’ve redesigned the experience to unite designers and developers around a shared language so they can ship quality products faster.
  • Launch
    Now you can design better and build faster with a single tool that powers creativity and consistency at scale. Check out InVision DSM.
  • Launch
    Getting into or maintaining your shape takes time and effort, which can be hard to pull off in our modern lives. Tip the scales in your favor with the fitgoal UI Kit—designed to help move you at any level of fitness.
  • Launch
    Over 100 components/symbols, 10 core screens, and 3 artboard sizes, the Scratch UI Kit by InVision is designed with the idea that food should be shared—anywhere, anytime.
    Available for both Studio and Sketch.
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    Smart Home UI Kit, from InVision ranked 3rd Product of the day for Feb 22, 2019 with 90 upvotes and 3 comments
    Feb 22, 2019
  • Launch

    The Smart Home UI kit has all you need to manage your hypothetical customer’s smart devices. Take your apps beyond the screen and experiment with assets meant to manage those physical home devices in a not-too-distant future.