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What is HiHello?
HiHello is a free digital business card and contact management app. With HiHello you can make and share your own digital cards, scan paper cards, and manage your contacts, all for free.
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Recent launches

HiHello Vaccine QR Code
HiHello—a free digital business card app—now supports vaccine QR codes. People in CA, NY, and LA can now create a card for their Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record and businesses can easily scan & verify the proof of vaccination, all with the mobile HiHello app.
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HiHello Backgrounds for Zoom
Look good on Zoom 🔥
Add your name, title, company, and logo to your virtual background. Anyone on your Zoom call who scans your QR code will have your digital business card, so you can continue your meetings with potential investors or clients with ease.
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