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HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform combining live chat, email marketing automation and a help desk in one solution. The solution helps support, sales and marketing teams to acquire, convert leads and support their customers.

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HelpCrunch Widget 3.0
A new way to deliver answers to customers
HelpCrunch Knowledge Base
Deliver instant answers to customers 24/7 with help articles
Free HelpCrunch Live Chat
Free live chat & in-app messenger for startups
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  • Launch
    Provide ultimate support to customers via HelpCrunch widget 3.0:
    💬 Talk to customers via real-time chat
    📗 Let them search your knowledge base
    🙌 Or give them a choice to find answers the way they prefer without ever leaving your widget
  • Announcement
    #5 Product of the day
    HelpCrunch Knowledge Base ranked 5th Product of the day for Sep 18, 2019 with 380 upvotes and 53 comments
    Sep 18, 2019
  • Launch
    With Knowledge base 📖 in HelpCrunch you can:
    📚 Create beautiful SEO-optimized help articles in minutes
    💬 Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat
    🌟 Provide 5-star customer self-service and minimize your support volume.
  • Launch

    Free live chat and in-app messenger by HelpCrunch is a perfect solution for early-stage startups and small businesses that want to communicate better with their customers.

  • Launch

    HelpCrunch is a top-rated customer communication platform for your Support, Marketing & Sales.

    Increase conversions and sales, improve support, and grow faster with HelpCrunch.

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