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Advanced Bootstrap & Bulma Builder for creating complex responsive web apps UI and layouts like Dashboards, Feeds, Forms, Backend UIs

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Instantly code websites with snippets & deploy to Netlify
Gridbox 10
Build & deploy websites faster while writing code 🚀
Gridbox v9
Design & Deploy Static Websites or JAMStack Apps to Netlify
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  • Launch
    Online editor with pre-built code snippets & templates for Bootstrap, Bulma & Tailwind CSS

    What you can create & deploy?

    1. Landing Pages
    2. Small websites
    3. Product UI Prototypes
    4. Mockups
    5. Small apps using JavaScript & Rest APIs
  • Launch
    Gridbox features a super simple drag and drop interface, with a rich library of pre-built Bootstrap and HTML 5 elements that lets you create html pages faster. You can Work visually or with code, starting from a blank canvas or by using existing projects: easy to customize, fast to deliver.
  • Launch

    Gridbox is a simplest visual interface builder for css frameworks. Supports Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6