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Geckoboard's software makes it quick and easy to build live TV dashboards, which focus teams on the metrics that matter to a business.
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Spreadsheet Dashboards from Geckoboard
The smart way to share data from Excel or GSheets - now free
Geckoboard Snapshots for Slack
Send your data to Slack. Make your key metrics unmissable.
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TV dashboards that make your most important metrics visible
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    Transform data, metrics, and KPIs from Google Sheets or Excel into a streamlined dashboard that gets your numbers noticed. Geckoboard’s new Free plan lets you easily share spreadsheet data clearly and professionally, with a simple link to your live dashboard!
  • Launch
    TV dashboards by Geckoboard: the easiest way to broadcast key metrics for your team. Access your data wherever it lives, and bring it all together on a live TV dashboard - in minutes.
  • Launch
    Charting acquisitions by the Big 5 tech companies over time
  • Launch
    Track who’s winning the Primaries, social sentiment + more
  • Launch
    Key metrics on the teams, players & advertisers in one place
  • Launch
    Crowdsourced advice from 159 top growth marketers
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    #4 Product of the week
    Geckoboard ranked 4th Product of the week for Apr 12, 2014 with 34 upvotes and 5 comments
    Apr 12, 2014
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    #1 Product of the day
    Geckoboard ranked 1st Product of the day for Apr 11, 2014 with 25 upvotes and 4 comments
    Apr 11, 2014