Your Apple Accessory Travel Case and Workspace Organizer!
BENTO STACK is a Bento-Box inspired storage case designed specifically to hold all Apple accessories for travel and workspace organization.

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Button Remote for AppleTV
Finally an alternative
Function101 BentoStack PowerHub
Connect, Charge and Organize for MacBook Pro and iPad Pro
BentoStack Charge
Bento Stack with a built in wireless charger for iPhone.
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  • Launch
    Since 2015 when the updated Apple TV launched with new remote, users have complained over the difficulty to use it. Apple has yet to offer an alternative, which is where Function101's remote comes in. A traditional style remote control for your Apple TV.
  • Launch
    BentoStack PowerHub takes a unique approach to addressing MacBook Pro and iPad Pro Connectivity, Mobile Charging and Accessory Organization. Integrating a USB Type-C Hub, Wireless Charger and Power Bank and Stackable Storage into a single, modular solution.
  • Launch

    Function101’s BentoStack Charge takes organization and mobile productivity to a higher level with its next generation BentoStack Apple Accessory Organizer. Integrating a Qi-wireless charger and 5000mAh power bank into the Top Cover of the BentoStack, users now have one solution to stay organized and charged, both on the road and on their workspace.