Friend Mix

Create group playlists for you and your friends
Friend Mix lets you build group playlists based on your friends favourite genres and artists. Create new users, add them to your mix and create a playlist tailored to your tastes. Discover which of your friends profiles were used to pick the tracks in the playlist.
Secureframe Questionnaires
Respond to security questionnaires and RFPs fast with AI

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CTO and VP of Engineering Toolkit
Essential tools and resources for technology leaders.
Pseudo Classes & Elements in CSS
You'll find 6 important pseudo classes & 14 pseudo elements.
Free 50 Best Pitch Deck Examples
Examples, Guide, Metrics & Idea Validation on Notion.
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  • Announcement
    #4 Product of the day
    170+ GPT-3 Resources ranked 4th Product of the day for Jul 4, 2021 with 89 upvotes and 1 comment
    Jul 4, 2021
  • Launch
    For the past few months, I am working on collecting all the GPT-3 related resources, that includes, tweets,repos,articles, and much more. By now, the resource count have reached almost 170+ and thought of putting this valuable database to public and here I am.
  • Launch
    Huge iOS design system for Figma.
    • 3300+ variants of components based on ↔ Auto-layout.
    • 320 templates for iOS apps. Light & Dark themes.
    • 3100+ latest SF Symbols 3.0 included for easy searching right in Figma.
    • 50+ national keyboards.
  • Launch
    Get more quality work done; learn new skills quickly. Inspired by the book Deep Work, it features a walkthrough from prep to goals, work, and finally, winding down; with synced blocks and linked databases so you only need to see what you need at every step.
  • Launch
    Hey there 👋
    This is a database of 1725 high-quality investors.
    If you’re here, you might have an interest in one day receiving funding for your business. This database will unlock a long list of high-quality investors that invested in startups in 2021. 🚀🚀
  • Launch
    Build your ebook as if it is a LEGO set. There are over 50 components that when combined would cover almost every scenario. The auto-layouts-enabled blocks have been designed to behave in the same way, which creates a seamless reading experience for users.
  • Launch
    This is based on the PARA method by Tiago Forte, and the Make Time framework. You'll be able to keep track of your projects, areas, and resources in one centralized place. Take advantage of your days, and make the most of the content you consume!
  • Launch
    Schedule your events, tasks and projects in Notion.