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The world's first sleep fitness company. Better sleep, better everything.
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What is Eight Sleep?
The first bed engineered to improve your sleep through dynamic cooling and heating, detailed sleep tracking, and more. Starting at $2,295
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SleepOS by Eight Sleep
Meet SleepOS, the platform 
for personalized sleep optimization. Explore new features like Smart Temp Autopilot, Health Insights, and Weekly Reports from the new Home Screen.
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The Pod by Eight Sleep

The Pod is the first-ever bed that learns your habits and adjusts the thermal environment automatically, so you never sleep too hot or cold again. Wake-up more naturally with a thermo alarm and enjoy advanced health tracking, sleep coaching and smart home integrations.

$150 discount to PH users, apply code HUNT at checkout.

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Questions about Eight Sleep

Frequently asked questions

The Pod varies in price depending on mattress, but their full size mattress starts at $2795. Payment plans are also available .

The Pod's cover contains rows of sensors that span the surface area of the mattress.

These sensors track sleep patterns, breathing and heart rates, and other data from anyone who uses the mattress, and awards a nightly score based on sleep quality and duration.

You can access data using the Eight Sleep smart app.

Experts agree that good sleep is the key to good health.

The Pod offers an array of unique technological features designed to improve sleep: temperature regulation, breathability, pressure relief, and a vibrating alarm for quiet, gentle waking, just to name a few.