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Rent Virtual Computers
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a part of's cloud-computing platform, Amazon Web Services, that allows users to rent virtual computers on which to run their own computer applications.

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Debug, monitor, secure serverless-centric applications
Alexa for Business
Using Amazon Alexa’s voice enabled devices for workplaces
Amazon Comprehend
Discover insights and relationships in text
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  • Announcement
    #5 Product of the day
    Thundra ranked 5th Product of the day for Feb 3, 2020 with 283 upvotes and 23 comments
    Feb 3, 2020
  • Launch
    Thundra is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless, container, VM workloads helping developers debug, monitor, and secure. Pinpoint bottlenecks & take actions on cost, performance & security.
  • Announcement
    #2 Product of the day
    Amazon Comprehend ranked 2nd Product of the day for Nov 30, 2017 with 443 upvotes and 8 comments
    Nov 30, 2017
  • Launch

    Alexa for Business is a new service that enables businesses and organizations to bring Alexa into the workplace at scale.

  • Launch

    Amazon Comprehend is an NLP service that identifies the language of the text; extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events; understands how positive or negative the text is; and automatically organizes a collection of text files by topic.

  • Launch

    Amazon Sumerian lets you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise.

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    #2 Product of the day
    Amazon Connect ranked 2nd Product of the day for Mar 28, 2017 with 392 upvotes and 15 comments
    Mar 28, 2017
  • Launch
    A self-service, cloud-based call center 📞