Your best sleep? It's not magic, it's neuroscience!
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What is Dreem?
We are sleep pioneers, a team of experts fascinated by science, technology and design. The beauty of our mission unites us: helping people be better at sleep.

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Dreem 2
Improving your sleep doesn’t need to be an uphill struggle. Dreem 2 breaks it down into manageable steps:
1. Understand your sleep with a sleep monitoring headband and reports.
2. Act on Sleep with a tailored program
3. Combat stress with audio techniques
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Dreem Coach

The Dreem Coach helps you improve your sleep, step by step:

- First, it delivers a tailored report on your sleep

- Depending on this report, you will get dedicated coaching programs to solve your sleep issue,

- After the program, you will enter long-term sleep optimization with effective techniques.

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