Invest your spare change in Bitcoin & earn interest 24/7
Automate your crypto investing in under 5 minutes, then brag about it to your friends. Collect the spare change from everyday purchases on your most-used cards and automatically invest it in Bitcoin.
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  • Announcement
    Nominated for Golden Kitty 2020 in Crypto
    The community submitted over 10,500 nominations to tell us what products were their favorites from 2020. Donut was nominated in the Crypto category and became finalist of the Golden Kitty Award 2020.
    Feb 19, 2021
  • Announcement
    #2 Product of the day
    Donut ranked 2nd Product of the day for May 5, 2020 with 543 upvotes and 94 comments
    May 5, 2020
  • Launch
    Donut is an iOS app that provides an easy way to invest your spare change in Bitcoin and earn real-time interest on your savings. Simply connect your bank, choose how to invest and start growing your digital wealth in under 5 minutes.

Questions about Donut

Frequently asked questions

No, there is currently no Android option for Donut.

Donut charges a 2% fee on the Save, Build, and Grow plans. They do not charge per month or per transaction. Customers will always receive the rate they see live on the app, and Donut only earns when you do. The 2% has already been taken out by the time customers see the rate in the app.

Yes, the Donut app is safe.

At the account level, Donut encrypts all user data using the AES-256 standard and protects accounts at the highest level with a personal PIN number and two-factor authentication (2FA). This ensures that access to your account is as secure as other finance and payment apps.

Donut is an app that provides an easy way to invest your spare change in Bitcoin and earn real-time interest on your savings.

Users must connect to their bank, choose how they'd like to invest and can then watch their digital wealth grow.

Donut makes it easy to automate your cryptocurrency investing and saving.

Donut was the recipient of the following awards:

  • #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on May 5, 2020.
  • Crypto Winner for the 2020 Golden Kitty Awards