automate Data Extraction From Docments
Extract data with 100% accuracy from PDF files & scans. Automate invoice processing with our fast and reliable document data capture software. Extract data from PDF to Excel, JSON, XML or update apps with webhooks.
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Screenshot Reader by Docsumo
Convert & translate screenshots into editable text instantly
Extract Tables by Docsumo
Free tool to extract tables from PDF and Images
Automate data entry while processing documents ✌️
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  • Launch
    Screenshot Reader helps you instantly grab screenshots & convert them to editable text in 4 steps:-
    -Press the extension button to select area on page
    -Review & edit the extracted text
    -Copy & share text from the image
    -Easily translate to other languages
  • Launch
    Docsumo is a Document AI software that helps enterprises capture and analyse unstructured documents. Use prebuilt APIs to convert invoices , bank statements, tax returns, ACORD forms & ID cards into JSON/CSV. Get accurate analytics for automated decisions.
  • Launch
    Docsumo helps operations & accounting teams capture data from unstructured documents such as invoices, purchase orders & forms into structured formats such as CSV, JSON, XML and Excel. Docsumo makes document processing five times faster.