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Learn UI/UX design through hands-on projects and 1-on-1 mentorship from expert designers. Add design to your resume and level up your career.

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Designlab Talent

Designlab Talent is an easy way to get plugged into a global network of top-notch jr. and sr. designers. It's a product built on top of Designlab, our online platform for UI/UX/product design training, where vetted students work with world-class designers who mentor them through rigorous coursework. Find your next designer today!

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Figma 101 by Designlab

A free and easy to follow 7 day email course on learning the basics of Figma.

Get familiar with one of the design industry’s newest and most lightweight tools! Learn everything from the interface and its tools, to how to create your very own presentable prototype 🖥️

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