Learn 30+ simple techniques to stop procrastinating
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What is Deprocrastination?
A guide to helping you overcome procrastination with ready-to-use mental tools. Understand and get rid off your procrastination habit and live a life according to yourself.

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Deprocrastination 2.0
Surfing instead of working? Getting distracted in the browser?
Our extension helps you set it up so that don't get side-tracked and stay on task.
You can set up healthy limits with Site Limits, Fun Zones (or Focus Zones), or Batch Rules and focus better!
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Deprocrastination 2.0
We've just released a new guide on overcoming procrastination!
How to finally stop procrastinating is here.
We're really proud of it because this guide will help even chronic procrastinators overcome the issue, step by step.
Deprocrastination 2.0 image
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